Capital Credits Section

Capital Credits

Welcome to the Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. web page for un-cashed capital credit checks.

This web site has been designed to help determine if you have un-cashed checks. Capital credit checks are most commonly un-cashed because the cooperative's system does not have your current address.

This page will only be of benefit to you if you have had phone service in Oklahoma in one or more of the Pioneer Telephone exchanges listed below.

Aline Chattanooga Douglas Gould Lamont Newcastle Sentinel
Ames Chester Dover Grandfield Loco Oakwood Sharon
Apache Cleo Springs Drummond Harmon Longdale Okarche Shattuck
Arnett Comanche Fargo Hastings Loyal Okeene Temple
Blanchard Covington Fay Helena Manitou Orlando Thomas
Bradley Crescent Fort Supply Hennessey Marshall Pond Creek Tipton
Buffalo Custer City Frederick Hollis May Putnam Wakita
Calumet Dacoma Freedom Hopeton Meno Quinlan Watonga
Canton Davidson Gage Hunter Mooreland Ringwood Waynoka
Carmen Deer Creek Garber Kingfisher Mutual Seiling  
Carter Dibble Geary Lahoma Nash Selman  


What are Capital Credits? Capital credits are margins allocated to the members of the cooperative on a pro-rated basis, in proportion to their telephone usage.

Upon approval of the Board of Trustees, a portion of these credits are refunded or credited to the members account on a yearly basis, if the financial condition of the coop permits. A more detailed explanation of capital credits can be found in Article VIII of the cooperative by-laws. Click on Cooperative News & Information under Community, then click on the link to the left to view the By-Laws

All inquiries must be submitted in writing to: Capital Credits, P.O. Box 539, Kingfisher, OK 73750. The amount of the un-cashed checks can not be obtained by phone. Checks can be for as little as $1.00. Your claim will be researched and processed when we have received the required copies of your drivers license and social security card. We will process all claims within 90 days.

There is no charge or fees associated with this search. This is a service offered to our members to maintain our commitment to serve as your "Total Communications Company".
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