Internet Services


Wireless Router $99.95/ea
Wireless USB Adapter $36.70/ea

You can use a wireless network to share Internet access, files, printers, game consoles, and other devices a month the computers in your home. After you’ve completed the initial wireless router set-up and added your devices to the network you can use your home network to surf the web to play online games—whether you’re sitting in your living room or relaxing in the backyard.



Wireless Router Self-Install Instructions

Includes wireless router and over-the phone support for set-up and configuration


Wireless USB Adapter         

Includes wireless USB adapter and over-the-phone support for installation and configuration.


Wireless USB Adapter Self-Install Instructions 

*wireless routers not always compatible with Xbox and Wii gaming devices.


Securing your Wireless Network

It is important that if you use a wireless router in your home that you secure it with a password. Otherwise, strangers, hackers or neighbors could access your network—and possibly your computer and the information you have on it. Remember, don’t use the manufacturer’s default router password—change it to your own (hard to guess) password!


More information on Home Networking

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