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Rural Economic Development Loan Programs

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative is currently accepting applications from eligible applicants for low-interest loans through two USDA Rural Economic Development loan programs. These programs which provide low-interest loans to qualifying applicants for new or existing rural businesses, industry, and agencies, has been created to provide more opportunities for economic development in rural areas.

All job-creating projects will be considered and could include financing for the purchase of land, construction, and equipment as well as working capital. Costs incurred prior to submission of an application and environmental clearances are not eligible for funding. Program descriptions include:

Program 1: REDLG
  • Initial loans, at zero-interest, from the revolving loan fund may only be made to:
    • Non-profit entities or public bodies for community development projects and community facilities and services.
    • Non-profit entities, public bodies, or for-profit entities for educational facilities.
    • Non-profit entities, public bodies, or for-profit entities for medical facilities.
    • Non-profit entities and public bodies for business incubators to assist in developing emerging enterprises.
  • Subsequent loans, at an interest rate not to exceed prime, may be made to for-profit entities, non-profit entities, or public bodies for any rural economic development purpose eligible under the program in accordance with the RUS utility's revolving loan fund plan. Subsequent loans are made using repayment funds from the initial loan.
To learn more about qualifications and eligibility for these loan programs or to request more information, you may contact Pioneer at your convenience.

Call toll free: 1-866-782-3728 or write to:

Pioneer Telephone Cooperative, Inc.

c/o Pioneer Rural Development Loan Program

PO Box 539

Kingfisher OK 73750-0539
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